Que de Aquellas, USA!

Que De Aquellas, USA!

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“They sang the songs brought to the USA by their fathers
— mostly refugees and veterans from the Mexican revolution who crossed into los estados unidos
when our nation’s borders were free.
They heard their fathers’ music and thought:
“Que de Aquellas; this is good.”

~Luis Valdez, from the narration in “Que de Aquellas, USA!”

From the producers who brought you the classic recording “Si Se Puede!” which helped bring national attention of the plight of Cesar Chavez and the United Farms Workers, now comes “Que de Aquellas, USA” a collection of World War II era Chicano songs destined to enlighten America’s psyche in a historic—and entertaining—musical documentation honoring the Chicano Zoot Suiters and the returning veterans of World War II and Korea. Narrated by world-renown playwright, and performed by everyday people just like you along with some of the people who lived it, the album captures the spirit of a period of history that is still within the living memory of old pachucos and their huisas. Que de Aquellas! A new release destined to new heights, from Brown Bag Records and the Salas Studios.

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