Eastside Heartbeats Soundtrack

Salas Studios in association with Agave Entertainment
and Brown Fist Productions PRESENT:

“Eastside Heartbeats” A NEW ROCK N ROLL MUSICAL

Written by Tom Waldman, co-author of the best-selling book, Land of A Thousand Dances: Chicano Rock and Roll from Southern California, “Eastside Heartbeats, a Rock and Roll Musical,” tells the fictional story of Jimmy Ramirez and the Eastside Heartbeats, a group of young Mexican American singers from East Los Angeles who dream of becoming Rock n’ Roll stars. Their dreams, struggles, disappointments, and triumph culminate with their serendipitous, totally unexpected appearance at the Hollywood Bowl, opening up for the Beatles in the summer of 1965!
Featuring original music and lyrics by James Holvay, David Reyes, and Rudy Salas, “Eastside Heartbeats” sings and dances its way into the hearts of all who experience this unique musical. To continue on this joyful journey, Brown Fist Productions and The Agave Entertainment Group have partnered to bring many of the memorable songs from the play to our listening audience. To add to your listening pleasure, members of the original cast have provided their rich voices to enhance this delightful album.
So sit back and enjoy the music of the amazing Sixties. Invite your family and friends to enjoy it with you, and if you were a teenager in Los Angeles in 1965, we wish you a joyful walk down Rock and Roll Memory Lane!

Executive Producers: David Salas & Steve Salas


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